Florida’s Best Adventure Videography: How to Capture Quality Footage

Adventure videography is booming throughout the Florida tourism industry, and for good reason. People want to document their life experiences, and there’s no better way than with video footage. When you’re shooting an adventure video, however, it can be difficult to get the perfect shot. Making videos is an art that requires the right tools and skills. The quality of your video can make or break a potential customer’s impression of your venue and the experiential adventures you offer. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips to teach you how to capture high-quality content every time!

Top Quality Adventure Videography

Choose the Right Type of Video Equipment for the Job

The choice of a drone or camera for your shoot is an important one. It will ultimately determine the quality and style of work you produce. When choosing the type of camera for the job at hand, consider which model will be able to meet any needs that might arise in the specific shooting situations that you are anticipating. What type of footage you want to capture determines which method may be best suited for your project. Drones are great when capturing sweeping landscapes from above while regular film cameras excel at close-ups and detail shots with their crisp focus capabilities.

Set Yourself up to Capture the Best Quality Shots

If you’re going with a traditional video camera, it’s a good idea to use a tripod or other stabilizer to capture smooth footage and reduce shake. Avoid areas that are dense with trees or buildings when using a drone. Keep an eye on lighting conditions. Shoot in 4K resolution if you have the equipment / can afford it, but don’t go overboard with this tip – shooting in 1080p can yield good enough quality for your needs in most cases. Top-quality adventure videography is most readily created due to preparation, practice, and of course – good planning.

Invest in the Right Tools and Add-ons

Adventure videographers have to be ready for anything, and that includes capturing quality videos. With some of the best gear on the market at your disposal, you’ll definitely be able to capture every moment with crystal clear clarity. But what if your camera is out of battery? Or maybe there’s not enough light in a dark cave? You may think that these are only minor hiccups in an otherwise perfect video shoot but they can actually make or break your production. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device for the footage you’re shooting. Bring extra batteries to the shoot and memory cards if you need to. Use a gimbal to get those “buttery-smooth” motion shots. Invest in high-quality editing software to help you maintain your professionalism and increase productivity.

Choose your Audio Carefully

captivate your viewers. Ambient sound, music, and voiceover are all options to help engage your audience with your video. Music might suit them better than an ambient soundtrack. Sound effects at certain points may add to your video’s cinematic feel. Make sure you’re focusing on what works for your brand and what your customers enjoy from your services and/or venue.

Know your Audience

The voice, the music and ambience of your video can be as important to its success as the content that you’re actually showing in it. Keep in mind who is going to watch your video from start to finish – will they prefer a professional tone or a more casual one? Should your video be fast-paced or have a more real-time feel? Editing style will play a big factor here. In any case, make sure that your editing tricks are focused on keeping your audience’s attention on what matters most: your business!

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