What is Tourism Marketing?

Tourism marketing encompasses a large variety of businesses within the tourism industry, including travel, lodging, entertainment, and dining services. Tourism marketing is particularly essential in areas that receive a high volume of revenue from the tourist industry, with Florida being a prime example. With a record-breaking number of 131.4 million out-of-state visitors to the Sunshine State in 2019, whether you own an RV rental business, a local restaurant, or even a skydiving venue, tourism marketing can help your business in the state of Florida. 

Florida Tourism Marketing

Florida Tourism Marketing Strategies

The goal of tourism marketing is to make your business stand out from your competitors by promoting your business or venue in a unique and eye-catching way. As you can imagine, the tourism industry can be a very competitive environment to navigate. Modern tourism marketing uses tools such as websites, social media, and online advertisements to reach out to potential customers and generate brand awareness throughout the globe.

When a business or venue is in need of tourism marketing services, the first step that they must take is to ask themselves: what makes this business distinctive from similar locales in the area? Standing out from the crowd can be tricky in a state like Florida, where almost every other business has some kind of stake in the tourism industry and is, therefore, a potential competitor.

The most important thing that a business in the Florida tourism industry can do is find its own specific draw: an aspect of their business that is novel, exciting, or superior to rival businesses in the area. Our tourism marketing services aim to highlight these unique aspects of your business for your potential customers through expertly filmed and edited video presentations. 

Florida Tourism Marketing Services

PlayHard Florida offers expertly produced videography services for all types of businesses in Florida. When we visit your venue, our objective is to capture the best of your business. From peaceful natural landscapes to fast-paced city nightlife, our expert team is prepared to capture breathtaking views of any type of business. Video marketing is excellent for the tourism industry due to its ability to put the viewer in the moment. Unlike other forms of marketing, video marketing truly captures the essence of a business or venue for a potential customer. 

Our team uses a variety of high-tech, all-terrain video recording devices in order to capture stunning, expert-quality videos of venues and events that will have your viewers longing to be there. 

Our specialized equipment is made to handle all types of Florida terrains, from swamps and forests to springs and beaches. We use underwater cameras to capture high-quality videos of wildlife, landscapes, and events, in both fresh and saltwater. Our team of experts is prepared to capture both indoor and outdoor events, scenery, drone shots, and more. 

Do you own a destination venue or host an event that you would like to have captured on HD video by a group of videography experts? Are you ready to share your business with the world? Contact us today!

Florida Tourism Marketing

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