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Play Hard Florida has an entire team dedicated to finding the perfect trip for landlubbers, thrillseekers, and water lovers. The team is comprised of passionate Floridians bringing you every adventure under the sun, between the clouds, in the woods, and on the water. We inspire - you adventure!
I have criss-crossed the entire peninsula in search of adventure. I know that Florida has far more to offer in its swamps, rivers, lakes, springs, bays, and beaches than any other state. My desire to share these experiences led me to create Play Hard Florida. We are committed to providing unique Florida adventures as well as protecting the areas in which we play. Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast or a city dweller, Play Hard Florida has something exciting in store for you. Unlock the Sunshine State’s potential by discovering your adventure today. -CJ Oliverio, Founder/CEO

Our Partnerships

We are partnered with Visit Florida to ensure our outdoor recreation industry is showcased as being the best on the planet! To keep our natural environment the best our team also supports nonprofits that preserve and protect where we play. In order to ensure that the next generation inherits the same wild and beautiful environment Play Hard Florida gives a portion of sales to help continue the successes and voices of the environmental groups!

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