Compared to more traditional marketing models, adventure marketing strategies have plenty of advantages for business owners in the destination, venue, and tourism space. When properly executed adventure marketing can immerse your audience into the experience you’re offering. Adventure marketing paired with high quality videography can completely revamp the way your potential customers experience your brand online and because of this attract more people to your business.

Adventure Marketing StrategiesOf course, adventure marketing has a unique set of challenges to go with the advantages. Many businesses who may have seen previous success in other areas can struggle with putting together effective adventure marketing strategies. Even those who have no trouble showcasing their venue in person can get stuck on translating the same energy and effectiveness to adventure marketing online or with video. 

It’s important for businesses whose primary objective is to provide their customers with on-site experiences to be aware of these potential obstacles. With a little foresight and planning, you can help your potential clients get excited about what your adventure based business has to offer more effectively and efficiently.

Adventure Marketing Strategies

What Does Google Recommend?

A really interesting fact to examine, from a 2018 Google tourism report, is that “After Price, the ability to Compare all options in one place was the most important element for travelers when shopping for the best deal.”

What the search engine giant is referring to here is essentially two main things. We’re now taking a look at price + a booking/directory type website which consolidates many options in one location and can help users review everything more easily.

Staying Front of Mind with Adventure Videography

Staying front of mind requires you to focus on a few key concepts, mainly revolving around creating content for your brand. In 2021, video is the clear winner for creating captivating adventure marketing content. 

Over 70% of people would prefer to learn about a product or service with a video rather than stand alone text. This translates exceedingly well into the adventure destination industry because it helps give your audience a taste of the experience you and your business are offering. 

When drafting your adventure marketing strategy ensure you’re implementing these three things:

  1. Create Regularly – By now you’ve probably heard that “Content is King.” This is 100% true, but the king is nothing without consistency. Try to make sure you’re creating and sharing content on a regular basis – at least once weekly – but shoot for more if possible!
  2. Be Engaging – The best way to do this is by focusing on serving your clients not your interests. When creating content, you want to make sure the topics you’re selecting are about things your clients typically want to know about. Try to educate your audience by diving into commonly asked questions and if applicable to your industry or venue provide insider tips to help your clients get the most from their experiences with your brand.
  3. Stay Authentic – Good adventure marketing is all about captivating your audience’s interest. A good tip for maintaining authenticity is by sparking conversations with your audience. Your prospective customer base is made up of real people, and real people enjoy developing real connections. How? Try asking questions at the end of your vlog posts and on social media — this is an actionable way to build on those connections.

Need Adventure Marketing/Videography Services in Florida?

A well produced adventure marketing video can help transform your customer acquisition in a very good way. By providing your prospective visitors with true experiential marketing content they are much more likely to to engage with your brand online and consequently consider paying your venue a visit.

Any business can talk themselves up with fancy words and pictures – but people searching for their next vacation destination want proof that your venue is the one they should visit above all others. How do you respond? A well made video is tough to argue with.

At Play Hard we specialize in creating high quality adventure videography for the venues and adventure destinations throughout the beautiful state of Florida. Interested in working with us on your adventure marketing video? Awesome! Contact us today and a member of our team will reach back out to you promptly.

Adventure Marketing Strategies

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