In order to attract travelers and adventurers to specific destinations – you must present something that both captivates their interest and wonder. This is especially true if the destination or venue that you are aiming to promote is in competition with another location that offers similar services/experiences to their visitors. An example of this would be both Jump Florida Skydiving & Skydive City – which are among the most popular and all around best venues to consider when skydiving in Florida. For business owners looking to make their adventure destinations stand out the go-to solution is destination marketing.

What is Destination Marketing?

So what exactly is destination marketing?

Destination marketing is a niche marketing technique, used to showcase why a specific venue or location is superior to other options. This is achieved by focusing by spotlighting the aspects of the locale or experience that make it the better choice to travel to and visit. 

Destination Marketing + Experiential Marketing

In 2020, it became harder than ever before to obtain and retain consumer focus. With this is mind, 2021 calls for brands and companies in the adventure, family fun, destination and tourism space to be actively looking for ways to improve their experiential and marketing game.

So, what, specifically, does experiential marketing suggest?

Experiential marketing is a method that aims to directly involve consumers by utilizing branded experiences. Often described as “live marketing” or  “event marketing” experiences, the idea is to develop a notable impact on the consumer that’s difficult to ignore. Experiential marketing can effectively influence participants and viewers to spread the word within their social circles both online and off. 

Check out some examples of adventure videography for experiential marketing below:

At its core, experiential and destination marketing revolves around placing extensive focus on immersing consumers in “mini-experiences.” These experiences should effectively showcase the space and give a taste of what visiting the venue would be like. Which consequently draws more people to your location. 

If you’re a business owner in the adventure venue or tourism space, you might be thinking “Okay, this sounds great, but how do I actually apply it in my business?” And to you we’d say great question! Continue reading below and we’ll explain more thoroughly:

Destination Marketing Techniques

One of the most effective ways to implement destination marketing to your business is via high quality videos. There are many ways to start capturing what your destination based business has to offer, but a high value video production is arguably the best way to captivate your audience visually, audibly, and even emotionally.

At Play Hard Florida this is exactly what we do. We are a destination marketing organization with a heavy focus on adventure videography productions. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients showcase what their venues and locations have to offer and attract more visitors naturally – rather than the other option – of tirelessly working to convince them toward your business without the proper assets.

There are two types of businesses that would benefit from destination marketing: those who obtain (or desire to obtain) a large amount of their revenue from their area’s tourist industry and those who have a feature or attraction that make them unique enough for people to travel to experience them. Larger destination marketing strategies focus on promoting an entire area as well as your specific locale. Want help implementing this technique inside your business? Then check out our experiential videography services and let’s discuss your project! 😎

What is Destination Marketing?


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