Digging Science

Jonathan, of Digging Science, is one of Florida’s best hunters and finder of huge fossils (and occasional live alligators) – check out his YouTube channel!¬† Cover photo is Jonathan’s – a nice Megalodon Shark tooth.

Jonathan holding an ivory tusk he found in a Florida river – believe it or not tusks get more brittle when they fossilize.

Read our informational fossil blog: tips, locations, gear needed, all the fossil guides mapped in the state, books, fossil permit link, and collecting laws!


PaleoCris is another great local hunter¬† – he’ll jump in any creek, river, or even scope out a dirt road to find some fossilized chompers – check out his YouTube channel!

All videos featured in this blog linked per YouTube Terms of Service public embed code – be sure to follow Digging Science & PaleoCris!

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