Alligator Facts

  • Gators can hold their breath for 2 hours.
  • They hiss as a territorial and defensive behavior – it’s no purr!
  • Their mouths are full of nearly 80 teeth for gripping prey – not for chewing.
  • The reptile tooth fairy visits an alligator 2,000 to 3,000 times over the course of its lifetime.

Alligator Jeopardy

  • 2,000 lbs = What is the per square inch pressure exerted by an alligator closing its jaws?
  • Five = What is the number of toes on its front feet? (Only four webbed toes on its back feet!)
  • Third eyelid = What is clear and closes like a diver’s mask when an alligator submerges underwater?
  • Brain size = What is the size of a quarter? (Your chihuahua has a larger brain — but the alligator will eat it in a game of chess!)


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