Mountain Biking in Florida 

While mountain biking in the famously flat state of Florida may sound a tad oxymoronic, the Sunshine State is actually home to some of the most exciting off-road biking trails in the country. Most of Florida’s trails are incorporated into the natural landscape. It isn’t uncommon to come across obstacles such as tree roots, steep ditches, large rocks, and uneven terrain. Even the most prepared and seasoned off-road biker can be caught off guard by the ever-changing nature of forest trails.

Mountain Biking in FloridaIf you’re planning on sticking to roads and sidewalks while biking in Florida, then a standard road bike will suit your purposes just fine. But if you’re planning on venturing onto one of Florida’s many scenic nature trails, you’re definitely going to need a mountain bike. In this article, we’ll touch on some of the differences between more traditional road bikes and mountain bikes as well as go over where to find the best bike rentals, tours, and locations for you to explore. Let’s jump in!

Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes – What’s the Difference?

Your typical road bike is lightweight with narrow tires and dropped handlebars that keep the rider in a more forward-leaning position. These bikes are built and designed for speed and are the most common and inexpensive bicycles on the market. Due to their more delicate frames and lack of suspension, however, these bikes are exclusively meant to be ridden on pavement.

Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are larger, more durable machines with wide tires, flat handlebars, and body suspension in order to easily handle rugged off-road trails. There are a variety of different styles of mountain bikes that are all capable of handling different types of natural terrains. Typically, the more rear suspension that a mountain bike possesses, the more difficult terrain it can handle. One of the benefits of purchasing a mountain bike over a road bike is that while a road bike generally cannot be easily altered to handle rough terrain, a mountain bike can easily be converted into a road bike by switching out the tires.

Mountain Biking in Florida
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Bike Rentals & Tours in Florida

Don’t have a mountain bike of your own? Are you hesitant to purchase your own bike due to the cost or the seemingly endless variety of styles available? That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the thrill of soaring through Florida’s beautiful off-road trails. Owning a mountain bike can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating at times. These machines require constant upkeep and maintenance, much like any motorized vehicle. Mountain bike rentals are an affordable and non-committal option for part-time riders or those who would just like to try their hand at mountain biking. Even if you own your own mountain bike, mountain bike rental services offer you a chance to try out a different style of bike to your own. Below are some of the best mountain bike rental locations in the state:

If you’re ready to start planning your next mountain biking adventure, then Play Hard Florida is here to help. We lend a hand to making your next vacation as stress-free as possible by offering a comprehensive database of the best adventure locations in the state of Florida. Make sure to check out our full directory for biking locations in Florida and start planning your adventure today!

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