Why Do People Go Mudding?

Here’s Our Top 8 Reasons To Go Mudding:

  1. Get in touch with your inner child — dig deep, he or she is still there!
  2. Forget good clean fun — you’ve never had so much fun getting dirty with your friends.
  3. Mud buddy — everyone needs one, so be one! Encourage your friend to go deep — you’ll be there for them when they get stuck.
  4. Prove your ride — you paid (are paying) big bucks for your 4×4, SUV, ATV, or UTV so prove it will get out of the hole (without a strap).
  5. Show your dirty side — mud bogging photos are the only dirty photos you can post on Facebook without judgement!
  6. Family bonding — the family that gets muddy together sticks together.
  7. Glow sticks — when was the last time you played in the mud AND in the dark?
  8. Get in the backseat — sleep in the car, bring your tent, RV, or stay in a cabin for the weekend.

Why Do People Go Mudding? It's Super Fun!

We know that once you understand why people go mudding you’ll probably want to try it first hand. Which is why our team has mapped every mud bog in the state – jump in here for the map!

Why Do People Go Mudding?

Why Do People Go Mudding? Because there’s Nothing Else Like It!

What to Bring?

  • Friends and family of all ages!
  • A cooler full of snacks and food – some venues sell snacks and meals.
  • A cooler full of beverages – check rules before you go, most venues allow adult beverages for those of age.
  • Your vehicle or ATV to get muddy – no worries if you don’t have one as you can just watch or rent one at some locations.
  • Towels and a change of clothes and shoes – most venues have hose down stations and showers.
  • Straps/rope to tie down your cooler and mudding gear or to use to pull out your new mud buddy.
  • Shade tent, lawn chairs and some blankets to lay on the ground or to cover car seats.
  • Some extra plastic bags to bring your wet and muddy clothes home.
Why Do People Go Mudding?

We have mudding shirts – jump in here for the swag!

Mud Buddy – everyone needs one!

Why Do People Go Mudding?Photo Credit: Special thanks to Hog Waller, near Palatka, for providing photos of all their visitors having the time of their life!

So why do people go mudding? Well in short it’s because even if you’ve never done it before – and you push yourself out of your comfort zone – you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing and memorable adventure!


For our full list of mudding locations in Florida visit the mud bogging section within our Florida adventure directory!


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