If you are an adventure provider, meaning you own or manage a business that provides your clientele with unique experiences, you’ve probably already come across and maybe even leveraged adventure videography for your business. But what exactly is adventure videography? Well like most cool things – it’s multi-faceted. Adventure videography is not just about filming a company’s newest location, service, or attraction launch; it is also about capturing memories. It means being able to see what others can’t – the tears of joy as someone conquers their biggest fear or sheer terror when they’re soaring through the sky on their first parachute airplane jump.

What is Adventure Videography?What is Adventure Videography?

Adventure film is an exciting, new genre that has been steadily growing in popularity. Adventure filmmakers are uniquely equipped to capture the raw, authentic moments of your business venue on video for decades to come.

So what exactly does an ‘adventure videographer’ do? An adventure film captures everything that happens at outdoor events like rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking-anything where there will be action sequences with people doing things that most people don’t usually get to see up close unless they’ve experience the adventure first hand.

What exactly is an adventure videographer/filmmaker?

You might be wondering what the biggest difference between an adventure filmmaker and a traditional videographer might be. To best address this – we must consider this question: what are adventure filmmakers up against? Adventure filmmaking requires some specialized skills that many traditional event video camera operators don’t have, like: technical outdoor experience, excellent physical fitness and endurance for long hikes in rugged terrains, experience handling professional film equipment in various, locomotive situations.

What is Adventure Videography?Should you hire an adventure videographer for your business?

Do you have a business that offers tourists and locals a place to unwind with a unique adventure destination? There are hundreds, potentially even thousands, of businesses that would benefit from showcasing their offerings through adventure videography. Perhaps you have an indoor skydiving venue, or you manage a mountain bike rental facility for off road biking, maybe you own a glass bottom boat tours facility? 

Here’s a better question. Do you think your prospects would be more excited about visiting your location if they could really see and experience what they would get if they visited in person? Well that’s what adventure videography does. So if you answered yes to that last question and have a venue that you know could be more alive if people knew what to expect from their visit – then it’s probably worth at least considering hiring an adventure videographer for your business.

How to find the perfect adventure videographer for your needs?

Know what type of video project is best suited to your specific adventure. These can be anything from commercials promoting outdoor adventure venues or even specific upcoming events. Adventure videography serves as genuine branding videos highlighting why people should visit your location. The easiest way to see if there’s synergy with a specific adventure videography team and your business is to talk to them! Set up a call with them and go over what you have in mind. A good adventure videographer will know how to take your vision and create the best way to help you realize that goal or help point you in the right direction even if you’re not sure where to start.

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What are the benefits of adventure videography for your business?

  1. You can satisfy interested prospects by giving them something they will enjoy watching – thus providing entertainment even before they visit your location or become a client. 
  2. Easily & readily showcase online visitors that your venue offers an authentic experience
  3. A good adventure videographer will make your company seem more inviting while maintaining the setting very authentic as they shoot the footage in a natural, realistic environment
  4. Capturing real life moments with genuine emotions creates high quality promotional content for brands looking to share their story with authenticity
  5. You provide a service that is all about adventure – working with an adventure videographer means you can be yourself while the videography team ensures quality footage is being captured that will keep people engaged.

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