Glamping in Florida
Tent camping too primitive for you? Want some luxuries while enjoying the great Florida outdoors? Don’t want to go to a crowded hotel during quarantine? Don’t like campground communal bathrooms? Glamping is your answer!

Glamping, or “glamor camping,” is camping in style. Our team has made it easy for you to camp in style this season with all the need-to-know info, locations mapped, photos of tiny homes available to rent, and a great video to show you how it’s done…

Will My Tiny Home Have Air Conditioning?

Tiny homes are essentially what they sound like: a tiny house (typically less than 500 sq. ft.) that is fully equipped with the usual household essentials. The average tiny home rental typically provides all the amenities you’d expect while glamping in Florida:

  • Kitchen – most tiny homes come equipped with a sink, fridge, and storage cabinets, countertop space, and coffee maker. Call ahead to see if your tiny home  is equipped with a (mini) stove or microwave. Don’t forget you’re in close quarters so if you want to cook up some onions or a steak plan on using the outdoor grills they provide. 
  • Bedrooms – each unit is different as far as bed locations – from loft-style beds upstairs to fold-down beds on the bottom floor you will find a variety of setups. Different models can accommodate from 2 to 6 guests. Call ahead to ensure that your tiny home’s bedroom setup accommodates everyone in your party, including those who may have mobility issues, as some tiny homes only provide upstairs beds. 
  • Living Room/Dining Area – most medium to larger tiny home models provide a small living area. These spaces are generally equipped with dining space, entertainment systems, and other amenities. Some have outside decks or docks attached to enjoy the sunset. 
  • Climate Control – most tiny campers have central heat and air called mini-splits that come with a remote control for convenience when you’re relaxing up in the loft.
  • Bathrooms – plan on only one bathroom to be shared by all. A toilet, sink, small shower, and hot/cold water are typical in most models. (All bathrooms are inside your own little home so if you bring a hair dryer no other campers will judge.)

What to Bring

Many tiny homes provide the same amenities as a typical hotel room. Keep in mind that tiny homes don’t provide an excess amount of storage space, so try to pack light. You won’t be needing quite as much gear as your typical camping trip however bring some of your own towels and gear for grilling outside. 

Types of Tiny Homes

The tiny house you choose depends on your taste, group size, and budget. From quaint faux log cabins to chic modern designs, you are sure to find something that suits your glamping needs:

  • Mini Tiny Homes – these are the smallest of small units that require a vertical climb to get up into the bed, very cozy and a unique experience – especially for kids!
  • Tiny Homes – these units can be a sleek modern design or more rustic and cabin-like. They all have a combination of sleeping arrangements from upstairs to fold out beds on the bottom floor.
  • Converted Shipping Containers – perhaps the most popular of the tiny homes for glamping in Florida, these offer the most space and typically have one or two bedrooms on the bottom floor. Because they are made from super strong shipping containers you’ll find some models with rooftop decks for star gazing!

Check out our Florida Tiny Home Glamping directory and map here!

Tiny Home Camping Florida Locations

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