Axe Throwing Florida Adventures: A Trend on The Rise 

Over the last several years axe throwing, as both a recreational activity and competitive sport, has been on a steady rise around the globe. Florida natives and visitors are no strangers to the popular concept of tactfully hurling an axe for thrills. If you’re new to the axe throwing Florida scene, don’t worry! In this post we cover everything you need to know about the best locations for axe throwing in Florida. We’ll also run you through a brief history of the sport, and even help you get started with some actionable tips on finding the best venues to visit on your next axe throwing Florida adventure! Let’s get started.

The History of Axes and Axe Throwing

As we mentioned, axe throwing’s popularity is on the rise  — but let’s zero in on the axe itself for a second. It’s a well-known truth that axes were first developed thousand of years ago and since then have been used for much more than just throwing. The axe is one of the first tools humankind had at its disposal.

If you’re going to be taking part in the thrill of axe throwing, you might as well learn a bit about the history being the tools and sports origin, right?

Preceding the contemporary axe, the stone-age hand axe originally lacked a handle — it would later be fastened to a wooden handle. The earliest axes had sharpened stone heads with some type of the wood based handle affixed to the stone tool. 

The Modern Axe

Today’s axes are arranged by type, dimensions, and uses. Modern axes are made of a sturdy wooden handle and a metallic head/blade. Axes constructed from materials like copper, bronze, iron and also steel came forth as these materials became more readily available and the technology needed to shape and manipulate them developed. Hafted axes with short handles made for use with one hand are typically called hand axes, scout axes, or hatchets– but the term hand axe refers to axes without handles too. 

The Origin of the Sport

It’s been practically 13 years since the BackYard Axe Throwing League brought the concept of recreational axe throwing to the masses. Literally using the axe as a tool to bring individuals with each other. Back in 2006, a team of close friends out at a home just outside of Toronto made a decision to throw an axe at a stump. Little did they know at the time that this innocent way to spend an evening would quickly progress into the development of a worldwide sport.

Axe Throwing Florida

Axe Throwing Orlando

Stopping by Orlando and looking for an ace throwing Florida adventure? Good! Because Orlando offers some great locations to choose from!

Check out BATL aka the The Backyard Axe Throwing League and witness the glory of the world’s first venue to ever offer an urban venue experience for indoor axe throwing.

How does visiting Orlando’s largest axe throwing venue sound?  If you’re in the city and looking for your next axe throwing Florida hub – Axe on Axe Off is one location you won’t want to skip!

Popular Axe Throwing South Florida Locations

Extreme Axe Throwing Palmetto BayExtreme Axe Throwing brings all of the most sought after axe throwing Florida services along with their very own customized end-grain wood and Interactive Targets! In total Extreme Axe has seven axe throwing ranges, and offers ten sport competition targets along with four entertainment targets!

Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood Florida – Axe throwing in South Florida? Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood Is provides a highly unique axe throwing Florida adventure which allows you to experience more than just a bullseye! Interactive challenges at this locale include traditional bullseye, accuracy challenge, block-out, and survival style games.

Axe Throwing Society (Pompano, Florida) –  Axe Throwing Society is South Florida’s first indoor axe throwing experience and the largest axe throwing sports venue in the region. Proud providers of a over 5400 sq ft of venue space, Axe Throwing Society stated they can readily accommodate parties of 6 – 100+ individuals. 

Boyton Beach Axe Throwing 

If it’s your first time, you don’t need to worry. Game of Axes provides newbies with coaching from their own in-house “Axe Masters.” These Axe Masters specialize in teaching you the basics of axe throwing and can have you feeling confident regarding what to do and how to do it safely in under 15 minutes. Once training is complete you’re all set to face off against your friends… or foes. “Your Axe-Master will be by your side throughout the entire experience cheering you on and keeping score. Make sure to bring your Game Face and closed toe shoes!”

Jacksonville Fl Axe Throwing 

Class Axe Throwing is Jacksonville Florida’s go-to Axe throwing venue, if you’re looking for your next axe throwing Florida adventure to be organized and run by trained experts who will not only show you how to safely handle an axe and throw it at your targets with accuracy. Visit a top notch Jacksonville FL Axe throwing venue and get pro tips on capturing the elusive Bullseye with your axe!

Tampa Axe Throwing

Have any of your Axe Throwing Florida visits led you to Tampa? Ours have! We can say with confidence that the Tampa axe throwing scene is alive and thriving. If you’re looking for axe throwing venues while visiting Tampa you have plenty of options. Some of our picks include:

Want More Axe Throwing Adventure Venues?

Check out our expansive axe throwing Florida adventure directory for more ideas on where to visit for your next axe throwing escapade.

Axe Throwing Florida Locations


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