• ALWAYS have a snorkeling BUDDY who is within reach and whom you can see while in the water!
  • Purchase your mask and snorkel from a local dive shop for most comfortable and best fit
  • Do not wear your mask too tight – it makes equalizing your ears more difficult
  • Pull a floating dive flag with you in the water or mount the flag on the highest point on your boat
  • If snorkeling in a river or spring run keep a hand outreached in front of your head in case of submerged logs
  • Assess the waves, currents, and weather to determine if it’s safe to snorkel

  • ALWAYS have an experienced freediving BUDDY with you in the water!
  • The buddy should remain on the surface watching you below until you surface
  • Monitor the surfaced diver for a minimum of 30 seconds before you descend
  • Do not use a dive light that can lead you into a deadly overhead environment
  • Do not dive under the influence of drugs or alcohol – do not freedive on a hangover
  • If wearing a mask instead of goggles make sure it is not too tight for proper equalization
  • Do not keep your snorkel in your mouth as you descend or ascend
  • Practice relaxation skills, do not scuba dive before or after freediving, and know your limits
  • Purchase all of your gear at a local dive shop for proper fit, comfort, and safety
  • Safety and enjoyment are achieved with proper and professional training (Freediving Instructors across the state)
  • Know the rules as some public and private parks prohibit the sport

  • Wear protective clothing instead of using sunscreen – this will protect water quality
  • If you have to wear sunscreen use only those labeled “Reef Safe”
  • Vote for local, state, and national candidates that know the importance of clean water
  • Support environmental nonprofits by purchasing our Play Hard Florida gear

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