Hurricane Information For Florida Residents And Travelers

Traffic Info

  • This Google map shows all real-time roadway congestion throughout the state. (CLICK HERE)
  • This Florida 511 website gives you real-time state-wide traffic info(CLICK HERE)
  • This FHP website gives live traffic crash and road conditions. (CLICK HERE)
  • This GasBuddy website provides a list of GAS stations in your area with available fuel(CLICK HERE)

Preparation for the Family and Business

  • This web page is a one-stop shop for updates, creating family plans, dealing with floods, special needs individuals, business plans.
  • This web page describes how to prepare your home and describes actions to take based on “hurricane watch” vs. “hurricane warning”.

Drinking Water Preparation

  • This article discusses how to prepare & store drinking water for the family – even if you missed out on purchasing water bottles!

Pet Preparation

  • This web page has information related to different sizes and types of pets and how to prepare and to weather the storm with them.

Portable Generator Info

  • This OSHA document provides very important information regarding how to safely use a portable generator.

Boat & RV – Travel Trailer Preparation

  • This county website describes in detail how to prepare your boat at home, on a dock, or in a marina for a hurricane.
  • This BoatUS story describes dos & don’ts with boat preparations – the information they describe is based on historic hurricane insurance claims.
  • This web page describes conditions that can lead to RV & Travel Trailer damages in a storm. (CLICK HERE) Progessive Insurance article for preparing your RV. (CLICK HERE)

Forecasts & Info

  • This is the National Hurricane Center website where you can get the latest updates, forecast cone, and public advisories.
  • This is the Weather Underground website where you can see many of the different forecast (spaghetti) models, satellite, and storm history(CLICK HERE)
  • This is NOAA’s web page where they describe the hurricane category classification and how the associated winds will impact our homes. (CLICK HERE)

State & Local Information

  • This is Florida Division of Emergency Management’s website for ALL of your state hurricane information, government announcements, and links to county evacuation areas(CLICK HERE)
  • This is Florida Health Department’s website where you can search by county for any public notice regarding public health and information regarding drinking water & wells. (CLICK HERE)


  • This web page lets you search by county for hurricane shelters(CLICK HERE)

Storm Surge Info

  • This NOAA web page contains an interactive Storm Surge Hazard Map showing how far inland storm surges can travel based on storm strength. (CLICK HERE)
  • This Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment website gives you a current Storm Surge Hazard Map(CLICK HERE)

Marine Info

  • This interactive NOAA web page is a map providing marine forecasts for all coastlines of Florida. (CLICK HERE)

Local Weather Forecasts & Info

  • This Weather Underground website has real-time information from your community weather stations. (CLICK HERE)

Blogger & Storm Chasers

  • This Mike’s Weather Page website displays multiple hurricane graphics and weather resources and he often goes live to describe new forecasts. (CLICK HERE) (FACEBOOK PAGE)
  • This is the famous storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski website for his heart-stopping storm live feeds(CLICK HERE)
  • Reed Timmer’s Extreme Meteorology live storm-chasing Facebook Page (CLICK HERE)
  • This website displays global wind patterns(CLICK HERE)


  • Pour out a bit of water from your plastic water bottles and put them in the freezer — this will allow room for the water to expand when it freezes. Use the frozen bottles to keep the food in your coolers cold and drink them as they melt.
  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings prior to the storm.
  • If you have family members sensitive to heat turn your air conditioning to a cold setting before the storm to give you  extended comfort after you lose power.
  • Make sure you have a cell phone charger for your car or a solar charger if you don’t have a generator.

The Play Hard Florida team wishes you the best in your preparations and safety during the storm!

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