Freediving Florida Springs: Extraordinary Free-Diving Adventure Spots

Freediving Florida SpringsFreediving is mankind’s most ancient form of diving. Before scuba gear, oxygen tanks, or even snorkels, people in the past ventured into the murky abyss of uncharted territories in hopes of finding the exotic food, crafting supplies, and other mysterious treasures that the ocean holds. With nothing but the clothes on their backs and a lungful of air, our ancestors decided to risk life and limb in order to conquer the alluring call of the sea. Today, we still find ourselves beckoned by the secrets hidden just beneath the sparkling ripples of the water, yearning to explore its depths without the hindrance of clunky modern equipment. 

If you are interested in trying out freediving for yourself, then you’re in luck; Florida offers some of the best freediving locations in the country. Freediving Florida Springs rather than freediving in a lake or ocean is unique in that tidal conditions are always perfect and the water is always crystal clear, allowing for some of the safest and most beautiful freediving experiences you can have.

Freediving Florida Springs

Some of the most breathtaking freediving Florida springs locations include: 

Austin’s Diving Center 

Austin’s Diving Center, located in Miami Florida, is your one-stop-shop for diving essentials as well as an excellent location to brush up on your freediving skills. Whether you are new to freediving or you would just like to polish your skills, Austin’s Diving Center’s Freediving course is right for you. Austin’s Freediving Center’s freediving course covers all the basics, including water safety, breath-holding techniques, equalization techniques, and open water rescue skills. After you’ve finished your course, you can pick up some professional freediving gear in the store so you are fully prepared for your adventure! 

Depth Wish Freediving 

Depth Wish Freediving, located in Gainesville, FL, offers instructor-led freediving courses taught by some of the most compassionate and fun-loving freedivers in the state. Freediving is a truly solitary experience in which a person can be completely alone with their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences, and Depth Wish Freediving understands this concept perfectly. Depth Wish Freediving is all about turning the freediving experience into one that allows you to truly become one with the water, your body, your mind, and the universe. 

Troy Spring State Park

If you love freediving, Troy Spring State Park in Suwannee County FL is a location you simply can’t pass by. Immerse yourself in the beauty that this nature spot offers and add it to your list of awesome freediving Florida springs locales.Troy Spring State Park offers a beautiful open water diving experience. With the main spring plummeting an astounding 70 ft beneath the surface, extraordinary marine life, and an average water temperature residing at a comfortable 72* F, it is sure to be a freediving experience to remember. 

The unbridled freedom that can be experienced through freediving is a feeling that cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to try this fantastically ethereal hobby!  

Freediving Florida Springs


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