Florida is the best place on the planet to improve your quality of life. Our team of explorers knows adventure so we present some life-altering, stress-reducing, and brain-changing resolutions for the new year:

Experience More Waves

Crashing waves create hypnotic rhythms that will put your brain and body into a calm and creative state. Spend more time this year listening to the rhythm AND grab a board to feel the peaks and valleys!

Hold More Paddles

Cell phones are hijacking our hands and minds – grab a paddle and let your senses feast on the surroundings. Kayak guides and tours across the state.

Take More Hikes

Doctors prescribe hiking for many ailments – include a sunrise or sunset on one and let your mind wander. Land adventures across the state.

Explore More Rivers

Florida has many spring-fed rivers in which you can totally submerge mind and body. Videos of our team exploring rivers.

Go Deeper In A Swamp

Experience calming yet powerful forces in a Florida swamp with towering Cypress trees overhead and exotic sights and sounds. Airboat Ecotours and Swampbuggy Tours across the state. 

Submerge Your Gills More

Florida has the most springs on the planet – the crystal-clear waters are a constant 72 degrees and will soothe your nerves and refresh your body. Video of us exploring the clearest waters on the planet!

More Primitive Camping

Your mind awakening to the sights, sounds, and smells of nature is unlike any experience a hotel or bedroom can offer. Video of our team camping at the new state park.

More Environmental Goodwill

Give your brain the “helpers high” by protecting our natural Florida resources. Video of a river cleanup.

Look Up More

Put your cell phone down and give your all your senses a nighttime lunar eclipse, meteor shower, or space station flyover. Our team creates Facebook Events to remind you of upcoming stellar bliss – Blood Moon Eclipse January 20th!

Tessa Skiles just joined our team – she has gills, awesome photography skills (see above), a passion to explore, and a big heart and mind to protect where we play! Follow her wake on Instagram.

Photos Copyright © Tessa Skiles. All rights reserved.

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