Florida Adventure Directory: 5 Amazing FL Adventure Destinations

Florida Adventure Directory

With an abundance of theme parks, glistening coastlines, and the vast greenery of national parks, it’s no wonder why Florida is among the most visited states in the country. Cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, as well as others among the Panhandle are home to some of Florida’s most popular tourist attractions. With over 600 miles of white, sandy beaches, paired with a broad range of distinct tourist attractions, Florida is a key destination for millions of people each year – over 100 million – to be more exact. With so many places to visit we figured it only made sense to compile some of our top destination picks and give you a jumpstart on your personalized Florida adventure directory. 

Many people fixate on the obvious Central Florida tourist attractions and theme parks, but the truth is Florida’s attractions are so numerous and diverse you can be sure there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s get started!

Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine FL

#1 Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine FL

Perched between the intercostal waterway and the city of St. Augustine lies el Castillo de San Marcos. The castle was originally built by Spain in 1672 to protect St.Augustine. Why did St. Augustine need protection? Simple, because St.Augustine protected the coastline of Florida – Spain sought out to protect their interests in La Florida. This monumental fort is the second oldest standing structure in Florida and definitely a location to add to your personal Florida adventure directory. Besides el Castillo, there’s plenty to see in the city, but if you’re drawn back to the water (and who can blame you?) can also check out St. Augustine Sailing for quality tours and rentals. 

Florida Adventure Directory

#2 South Beach, Miami FL

South Beach AKA SOBE is Miami’s southernmost city, which is located on a long island strip over the Atlantic. Crews work day and night to keep the sandy shorelines as clean as possible. If you’re looking to hit the water you can expect to find yourself on one of the most pristine beaches out there. South Beach is also home to a medley of world class hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, boutiques – meaning there’s no shortage of things to do in the city.

South Beach Pier Point is a SOBE landmark, and arguably provides the most ideal location in the city for overseeing the Atlantic Ocean. A must add to your Florida adventure directory.

I must say the beach by the pier point was one of the most beautiful beaches I had seen to date.
Every day is different though, depending on the wind and waves directions.
But one day, while we were there, it was clear blue, no jellyfish, just pure heaven.” – Ernesto G.

Florida Adventure Directory

#3 A1A Outdoors, Cape Canaveral FL

Looking for a different type of water activity beyond the ordinary? From bioluminescence tours, waverunner & jet ski rentals, surfing lessons, and so much more A1A’s Beach Rentals and Outdoor Center is a top-tier hub for finding and engaging in some of the best water adventure activities you can jump into. Have you ever experienced paddle-board yoga? What about manatee or dolphin ecotours? If not then you should definitely be adding this destination to your Florida adventure directory.

#4 Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys which includes Key West is home to the Florida’s and the USA’s southernmost point. To get to the city of Key West you’ll have to cross over a 7 mile bridge over the ocean. Once you arrive you’ll find yourself immersed within a rich cultural mix of diverse architecture, cuisine, and ambiance. Some of the city’s coolest attractions include the legendary author’s Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, and Mallory Square.

File:Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

#5 Orlando, Florida

Orlando is one of the most visited family destinations in the world. With beautiful weather, amazing hotels, and hundreds of possible activities and destinations within the city to choose from, it simply cannot be excluded when building your personal Florida adventure directory. Some destinations to consider while in the city include Gatorland, Leu Gardens, Orlando Science Center. One of the most famous attractions in the city is Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which is Disney World’s first ever theme park and remains one of Disney’s most popular locations. Another notable destination lies about an hour from Orlando – the Kennedy Space Center (in Cape Canaveral FL) is an amazing place to visit if you get the chance; so if you’re around Orlando, definitely try to add this stop to your trip schedule!

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