Are you visiting Florida and trying to map out your activities to maximize your time out here? Or maybe you’re a Florida native that’s been itching to explore something new in the state? Well in either case you’re in the right place! When want to find a list of cool adventure spots me I turn to the Play Hard Florida adventure directory.

Cool Adventure Spots Near Me - Here Are 5 Sweet Florida Escapades

The Sunshine State Water State is full of adventure, and with such a large variety of landscapes, there are opportunities to explore all over the state. Whether you live in Florida or not, there are plenty of opportunities for new adventures all over the state. In this article, we give you five of the best adventure spots from the countryside to the coastline. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something close to home or on the other side of Florida from where you live or vacation; this list has got your back!

  1. First up on our list of cool adventure spots is Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Located in Hobe Sound, this park has something for everyone from hiking trails to horseback riding! You can also take a leisurely paddle down the St Lucie River or sit back with your fishing pole and catch some fresh dinner – all day long you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of Florida’s countryside at its finest.
  2. Next, we travel south to a bustling natural habitat that will satisfy adventurers who want a little more out of their afternoon jaunt out into nature: The Everglades National Park! There’s plenty of wildlife to see, many nature trails to explore, and your own two feet are the best mode of transportation, so you’re guaranteed a cool adventure. 😎
  3. For those who want a slightly more urban-based experience, Florida is home to some of the most popular beach cities in the world, including Fort Lauderdale! Fort Lauderdale Beach beach offers ample space with lifeguards on duty during prime beachgoing hours, which makes it safe enough that even first timers will feel safe riding the waves on a surfboard or jet ski. If the ocean isn’t for you, maybe stay on dry land and give rollerskating down Fort Lauderdale Beach’s famous boardwalk a chance, or hit up some of the area’s many dining and shopping centers. There are plenty of opportunities to make memories here no matter what happens! Whenever I’ve found myself in South Florida, looking for cool adventure spots near me, Ft. Lauderdale has usually not disappointed.
  4. Next on our list is a classic: The Florida Keys. The Keys is a great place for snorkeling and scuba-diving, with plenty of opportunities to explore the Florida coral reefs with all of their magnificent shapes, sizes and colors. You can also take one of many different guided tours through a hidden underwater world that’s full of mysterious things just waiting to be discovered, such as shipwrecks and exotic sea life.
  5. Finally, if you’re up north in Tallahassee you should definitely consider a visit to Wakulla Springs State Park, where there’s plenty more to do than just swimming; kayaking is popular here, as well as hiking and camping. You can also take a guided tour of the springs’ underwater caverns, and if you’re lucky enough to visit at just about any time between December and April there are even manatees!

If that doesn’t spark your interest, stay tuned because we have even more ideas on what’s waiting out there just around the corner! Play Hard Florida is a company dedicated to providing information about the best adventure spots in and around Florida. Start planning your next adventure today!

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