Are you looking for an exciting, scenic adventure through the skies? Florida airplane rides are one of the best ways to discover the pristine tropical beauty of Florida from a bird’s eye view. Airplane rides in Florida have been steadily climbing in popularity over the last decade. Make your trip to Florida complete with a tour through the skies in one of Florida’s many “flight-seeing” experiences.

Airplane Rides in Florida

Nothing quite matches up to the scenic and exciting adventure that exploring Florida by sky offers. Between unparalleled beaches in South FL to the lush greenery of the everglades, being able to explore the water state by sky raises the bar when it comes to outdoor adventuring. 

Miami Seaplane Tours

A seaplane is an aircraft that has the capability of both taking off and landing on the surface of the water, and amphibious seaplanes are also capable of landing on runways. There are few things as picturesque as ascending into the skies from the sparkling waters of the Atlantic aboard an expertly piloted seaplane. 

From the Miami Skyline to the beautiful islands of Key Biscayne, Miami seaplane tours offer a full and unique experience of South Florida airplane rides.  

Everglades Tours

The Everglades National State Park,  the most expansive subtropical wilderness that exists in the United States, is a must-see for nature lovers and explorers alike. This heavily protected natural habitat is home to some of the most unique wildlife on Earth, many of which don’t exist anywhere else on the planet, and the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles naturally coexist. Explore this distinctive biome from the air in one of the area’s guided airplane tours.

Cedar Key Tours 

Surrounded by marsh flats and wetlands, Cedar Key, greets the Gulf of Mexico with the rare natural beauty only found on Floridas’ Nature Coast. Florida airplane rides allow you to fly over the Gulf of Mexico as it meets the flow of the historic Suwanee River. From the sky, witness the perfect “farmland” for our Aquaculture and its resulting prized clams and oysters.

Airplane Rides in Florida: Airplane & Biplane Rides Near Me

Whether you’re looking to take a trip over the breathtaking Florida beaches, enjoy a guided tour of the pristine natural wonder of the Everglades, or explore the Miami skyline from an aerial perspective, PlayHard Florida can guide you to the adventure of your dreams.

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Adventure Videography for Airplane Rides

Do you own or help manage a facility that offers Airplane rides in Florida? Are you looking to up the ante when it comes to marketing your business? Adventure videography showcasing your airplane rides in Florida is one of the most powerful ways to improve your branding efforts and attract more people to your doors. Visit our adventure videography services page to learn more about our experiential marketing solutions.

Airplane Rides in FloridaAirplane Rides in Florida

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