The last photo you posted was the great casserole dish you made. You need to raise your game — and your social media posts! The PLAY HARD FLORIDA team has located every skydiving outfit in the state. No excuses – jump out of a plane and find out why skydiving in Florida is the bomb!Here’s why Florida is the skydiving bomb:

  • Florida is flat – ELEVATE your life by jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet.
  • Florida has crazy drivers – INCREASE your safety by jumping out of a perfectly running airplane.
  • Florida has the most beautiful beaches and waters – SEE them from thousands of feet in the air.
  • Florida has the coolest looking clouds – FEEL one.
  • Florida is hot and humid – CATCH a cool 120 mph breeze.
  • Florida has many elderly drivers – SEE the tiny little blinkers down below.
  • Florida averages .69 hurricane strikes per year – ENJOY skydiving 364.31 days a year.
  • Florida has lots of mosquitoes – EXPERIENCE a bug-free adventure (up until the last 23 feet).
  • Florida has the best skydiving instructors (and alligators) – STRAP yourself to one (to avoid landing on one).
  • Florida is known for crazy people – UPDATE your profile photo with a lip-stretching, tongue-wagging, bug-eyed, hair-flying, free-falling, happy-crazy face!

Watch our team upping their social media game AND life by jumping:
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