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Everyone thinks that Florida is just a place to go and relax, but it’s also the perfect destination for those who want an adventure. We have beautiful beaches, warm weather all year long, and of course the theme parks. But what many people don’t know is that we have some great adventures right here in our own backyard!

The Canyons Adventure Park is a nature-filled, exhilarating experience that’s perfect for the whole family. There are marvelous opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Florida, a state that offers an abundance of breathtaking views, activities, and year-round adventure. 

At The Canyons, It’s not enough to provide you with a thrilling experience. They want your interaction with nature to be an immersive one, where the sight of plunging cliffs and sparkling lakes will make memories that last a lifetime! Majestic canyons and hillsides provide an incredible backdrop for some of The Canyons’ most popular activities, including:

  • ziplining
  • rappelling
  • kayaking
  • aerial rope courses
  • full moon ziplining
  • wine-tasting tours
  • gem mining
  • group tours
  • horseback riding

The Canyons is the only place in Florida where you can soar through sky-high canyon and over lakes like the beautiful Gator Lake. The Canyons offers two spectacular zip line tours, including a world-famous 1,100 footer across Lost Spring Lake! Cliffs, lakes, and massive canyons make The Canyons an incomparable adventure experience for visitors of all ages – it’s time to get wild at our adventurous zip line courses with renowned safety standards that are unmatched by any other destination site within 100 miles of Orlando or Kissimmee! That is why they are nationally recognized as well as award-winning. We promise that you’ll be speaking about your visit to this adventure park for years.

The Canyons is one of the best places in Florida for adventure seekers to go, and people keep coming back year after year. Book your own visit the next time you’re in Florida to see for yourself what makes this adventure park so special!

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