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Freshwater Journeys connects people to rivers by running snorkeling trips in some of the world’s most amazing freshwater ecosystems so people can experience the abundance, diversity and beauty of our freshwaters first hand! All snorkel trips are under the safe and watchful eye of an experienced snorkel guide. We provide the gear so that people can do their own underwater river explorations, backed by more than a decade of expertise specifically in snorkeling dynamic river environments.

Why We Do What We Do
We are losing freshwater biodiversity at an alarming rate, largely because we are not connected to the life our rivers contain. We do what we do to foster and facilitate that connection. But we also need to connect to each other, especially in an age of digital disconnection. Freshwater Journey experiences connect people to rivers and each other. It’s our way of making the world a better place.

Our Florida Trips
The Springs of Florida are some of the most magical places on the planet! Crystal clear and full of abundant and diverse underwater life, they are ideal for snorkeling. Our snorkel trips are two hours long and are led by an expert guide who makes sure everyone is safe, and observing the beautiful life of the spring. All gear: mask, snorkel & wetsuit are provided. A portion of the proceeds of each trip is donated to spring education efforts.


Keith Williams’ superpower is that he literally has the skill and passion to guide us to another world – the underwater world. For our RiverPalooza and RioPalooza events, Keith supplies the snorkeling equipment and whether they be young or old, teaches our participants with his infectious enthusiasm, about safety, science, and what exciting visions and life exist below the surface of the water. Without him, our experiences would not be as full nor as informed. There is simply no one better!

-Mark Frondorf, Shenandoah River Riverkeeper

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