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The Everglades is a water-based system that encompasses the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America, and is recognized as one of the most important ecosystems on Earth. The importance this region has cannot be overstated; it provides drinking water for 1 out every 3 Floridians (8 million people) and is home to more than 80 endangered species of plants and animals. It also happens to be an integral part of Florida’s tourism economy – generating billions annually from tourists who visit to enjoy its unique natural beauty. 

The Everglades Trust is a leading organization in sound science and engineering. The Trust carries on the legacy of founder George Barley, who during his lifetime established himself as one of the area’s chief advocates for water quality restoration. The Trust continues to advocate for conservation efforts that will preserve this precious landscape. The Everglades trust takes seriously what it means when they’re given public interest or elected official’s support; thus their goal of providing conservation efforts backed by environmental science should be of interest for all citizens interested in Florida’s most precious natural resource – our EverGlades! The Trust is a bi-partisan organization focused on bringing the Everglades into Florida’s political narrative. Now Or Neverglades, as it says in their name, is a movement that advocates for immediate action to save this crucial part of our state before we lose it forever. Hundreds of thousands of voters all throughout Florida are coming together with one voice about environmental issues and drinking water needs because they know what an important issue that is. The Trust has been working hard at promoting Floridians’ awareness so more people will be involved with these critical issues affecting us every day. 

Stand up for the environment by standing side-by-side with hundreds of thousands of Floridians who want their voices heard. Together we can be a voice that restores balance in our natural world – restoring Florida Bay clean water levels as well as protecting against invasive species like pythons and Asian swamp eels from destroying ecosystem habitats within the park system. Help make your voice count today and stand up with us and help restore America’s Everglades. 

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