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In today’s society, it seems that the more we do, the less we live. We find ourselves sharing emojis instead of experiences. We look down instead of around, and trade UV for LED. Wireless, yet less connected. Perhaps it’s time to stop treading water… and start paddling it. Escape the routine. Experience the thrill of adventure. Embrace the freedom of nature. Share lifelong memories. Talk instead of message, and capture instead of consume. Our kayak tours focus on the connectedness with nature and each other that seems so distant in today’s fast-paced world. Whether it is a dolphin show that happens spontaneously, a manatee snuggling your kayak, radiant sunsets that inspire you, or rare bioluminescence that glitters in your very hands, each tour is designed to provide you with the real magic of Florida. Join us, and you’ll leave with a deeper respect for nature and a lifelong relatedness you cannot create anywhere else.

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We had a great trip with our guides, Duncan and Brian! Both were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of the wildlife and plants life around Merritt Island. In the air, our guides pointed out egrets, great blue heron, and pelicans. In the water we saw manatees, jellyfish, a gator, and an entire pod of playful dolphins!

-Leslie B.

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