Live Eagle Cams

Bald Eagles have clawed their way back to a larger population over the decades but threats remain – here are some tips to ensure healthy parents and eaglets:
  • Avoid using rat or rodent poison – use traps instead! Dying or dead rodents that have ingested poison get taken back to the nest and fed to the hatchlings. Earlier this year one of the newborns, watched by thousands on the cam, died from being fed a poisoned rat.
  • Keep dead trees in the landscape (if safe to do) as they provide nesting sites for owls that also help control rodent populations around your home.
  • Avoid using pesticides, insecticides, fertilizer, and herbicides on your lawn – these chemicals get into the food chain and into waters where eagles fish and drink.
  • Choose a political candidate (local, state, federal) that is focused on land preservation and the environment!

Live Manatee Cams (*river, gulf, and ocean waters are beginning to warm so the manatee are spending less time at the 72 degrees springs)

Our Florida manatee have come back from the brink of extinction! Here’s how to help their population grow even stronger:
  • Maintain a slower boat speed, observe manatee signage, and designate a lookout on the boat.
  • Do not feed, harass, or touch manatee – if swimming near them use passive observation.
  • Do not use fertilizer, herbicides, or insecticides on your lawn – these chemicals runoff into waters & springs where manatee feed and live.
  • Do not approach manatee with any vessel as you can separate a mother and calf.
  • Support nonprofits such as Save The Manatee Club and use your vote to elect (local, state, federal) candidates that promote clean water!
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