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Keepers of the Springs (KOTS) began as two close friends (Brent and David) exploring springs and sharing their adventures with the world through short videos. As they continued to explore, they found the springs were under great threat. They encountered blankets of slimy green algae, piles of trash, cloudy water, and over-packed springs. They learned that decades of pollution and over-consumption of spring water were responsible and leaped into action.

​In 2017, KOTS organized its first-ever springs cleanup with just five volunteers. In 2019, Keepers of the Springs became a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.​ As of December 2022, they’ve hosted more than 40 cleanups with over 400 volunteers, educated over 2000 kids in schools, and published over 40 videos highlighting the Springs, their wildlife, and how to protect and preserve this precious ecosystem.

To support this mission yourself, share our media online, join us on a cleanup, or donate to the cause!


Explore, inspire, and protect - the three pillars of Keepers of the Springs. I found their mission necessary to protect and be an advocate for our springs - I love joining them with their cleanups!

-Brandon of High Springs

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